5 Steps to a Successful Homeschool Day Presentation

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5 Steps to a Successful Homeschool Day Presentation

Homeschool days can be chaotic. How do your days start?

The kids are crying. Papers are strewn everywhere. Our school space is never ready to go. I forgot to make the days lesson plans. We can’t find pencils. Our textbooks are lost. No one actually WANTS to do school. My husband is a distraction. The baby needs me. It’s lunchtime and we’ve not even cracked open a book.

Have you ever said or thought any of the above statements? Are you happy with this? Or do you want more?

More peaceful days…

I can tell you how to get them! Start your day with joy. Organization. And kids who are ready to get roaring (okay, most of the time, let’s face it NO kids are ready for school EVERYDAY!)

Days that start on time…

How often has the clock sailed right past your homeschool start time while you and the kids were still in your pajamas? Begin your days ON TIME by breaking the public school mentality and finding the right time to start the school day for you and your family.

A smooth and easy homeschool routine…

One thing that makes our homeschool run more successfully is a standard homeschool routine. Anyone can come up with one and by the end of this presentation, you will have one that is just right for your homeschool.

This is a powerpoint recording created for an online homeschool convention. 

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