Free Writing Prompts for Kids

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Free Writing Prompts for Kids
Free Writing Prompts for Kids

I have two types of writers in my home, one is a reluctant one, and the other one loves to write. So, I wanted to create some writing prompts that would fit both needs. How did I do that? By sitting BOTH kids down and letting them help me come up with some great writing prompts.

  • They are imaginative. If you have a kid who loves to dream, then they will enjoy these free writing prompts.
  • They get kids thinking. I like to challenge my kids, and these writing prompts will engage your kids and get their minds moving.
  • They are informative. Wondering what your kids have on their minds? Or what they think about life? These free writing prompts will get your kids writing about their family, their life, and will help you know what your kids have on their mind.

 How to Use These Free Writing Prompts

There is no right or wrong way to use these free writing prompts.  Here are some suggestions for using them that may work for your family.

  • Daily- Get your children writing at the start of each day by giving them the writing prompt.
  • Pick one day each week to use the writing prompts.
  • Use the writing prompts two days a week.
  • Add to the writing prompts by having your children illustrate what they wrote about.
  • Encourage dramatic play by having your children act out their story.
  • Let your children share their writing with their family and friends.

I hope these free writing prompts for kids will be a blessing to your family.

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