Schooling at Home While Working at Home eBook

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Schooling at Home While Working at Home eBook
Schooling at Home While Working at Home eBook
Schooling at Home While Working at Home eBook
Schooling at Home While Working at Home eBook

Are you thinking of working from home, but aren’t sure where to start? There are so many options out there that the idea of working from home can be mind-boggling. This is especially true when you also have a houseful of kids to educate.

What if I told you that you CAN school at home while working at home?

Stop, take a deep breath, and relax! I am going to walk you through this step by step, from finding a job to getting hired, to managing your time, house and family. You can do this!

My Story

I started working from home in 2005 and realized quickly that anyone who longed to earn an income from home could do it. Throughout the years, my job has changed from childcare provider to freelancer, to blogger.

 I have learned the time management tips needed to manage a home, our homeschool, and a business simultaneously. I have learned that sometimes busyness is NOT a good thing, and sometimes you just need to say NO to some things so you can YES to others. I have dealt with the challenges that come along with working from home and learned the benefits as well.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and used my experiences to encourage many other moms to work from home, even while homeschooling. But I wanted to be able to reach out to even more women, which is why I wrote this book for you.

In Schooling at Home While Working at Home, you will learn:

  • How to find and land a work at home job that is perfect for you!
  • How to manage your time more efficiently
  • Skills that will help you establish a routine to your day
  • What you can cut from the day that will allow you more time.
  • How to manage all your day to day chores in addition to homeschooling and working at home.
  • Which homeschool curricula other work at home, homeschooling moms use.
  • About challenges, you will face as a work at home mom and guidance on how to overcome them.

This product was updated in 2018 to include up to date information 

If you are wanting to find a way to make extra money while homeschooling your kids, this is THE book for you! If you are already a work at home mom but are struggling with getting it all done, this book is for you! 

Don't believe me? Check out what others are saying about Schooling at Home While Working at Home:

  • Schooling at Home, While Working at Home gives an excellent introduction to working at home while you're homeschooling. Misty Bailey includes actual schedules as examples for how to manage your day. She includes tips on how to find the time to work while not neglecting your family.~Sara

    This was a quick read, yet a good motivator for time management and practical ways to use the information in my own life. I struggle with balancing homeschooling and working at home right now, but the author makes me believe it is possible and gives me some steps to take to make it work.~Mama Scribe

    This book is a wonderful book for moms who are in the beginning stages of making a decision to be a work at home, homeschooling mom. I would recommend it to those who are thinking about working from home, and to those who have decided to embark on this journey, but not sure of what the next step should be.~Mandy at Hectic Blessings

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today! 

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